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Doctor Adams' Pet Quiz

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  • How many eyelids does a dog have?
    a. None
    b. One
    c. Two
    d. Three
    e. Four

  • What candy company owns an extensive line of pet food products?
    a. Cadbury
    b. Hershey
    c. Mars
    d. Wrigley
    e. Lindt

  • How much more water (moisture) does canned pet food have than dry food?
    a. Twice as much
    b. Three times as much
    c. Five times as much
    d. Seven times as much
    e. Fifteen times as much

  • Where was the first commercial dog food developed?
    a. Battle Creek , Michigan
    b. London, England
    c. New York City
    d. Paris, Frace
    e. Rome, Italy

  • What characteristic do blue-eyed, white cats frequently share?
    a. Blindness
    b. Deafness
    c. Diabetes
    d. Epilepsy
    e. Hypertension

  • Which Cat family member cannot retract its claws?
    a. Cheetah
    b. Siamese
    c. Russian Blue
    d. Himalayan
    e. Lion

  • How is heartworm disease transmitted to pets?
    a. Contaminated water
    b. Ticks
    c. Mosquitoes
    d. Birds
    e. Snakes

  • What is a group of kittens called?
    a. Brood
    b. Covey
    c. Kindle
    d. Nest
    e. Pride

  • What U.S. Governmental organization regulates the common carriage of pets and other animals?
    a. Federal Aviation Agency
    b. Department of Agriculture
    c. Department of Transportation
    d. Department of Animal Control
    e. None of the above

  • What is the most popular type of dog in the United States?
    a. Labrador Retrievers
    b. Golden Retrievers
    c. German Shepherds
    d. Dachshunds
    e. Crossbreeds

  • What pet is not susceptible to rabies?
    a. Bird
    b. Cat
    c. Dog
    d. Ferret
    e. Horse

  • How many U.S. Presidents did not have pet animals in the White House?
    a. Three
    b. Seven
    c. Fifteen
    d. Twenty
    e. Thirty

  • Which AKC dog group tends to live the longest?
    a. Sporting Dogs
    b. Terriers
    c. Toys
    d. Herding Dogs
    e. Hounds

  • How many people are there per veterinarian in the United States?
    a. 1,000 people
    b. 4,000 people
    c. 8,000 people
    d. 80,000 people
    e. 800,000 people

  • Which animal has a dietary requirement for vitamin C?
    a. Cat
    b. Dog
    c. Horse
    d. Guinea Pig
    e. None of the above

  • In what country was the Bombay breed of domestic cat developed ?
    a. England
    b. France
    c. India
    d. Pakistan
    e. United States

  • How long can the vaccination for rabies be presumed to be 100% effective against the deadly viral disease?
    a. 1 year
    b. 2 years
    c. 3 years
    d. 4 years
    e. Never

  • Based on food type, which animal is an omnivore?
    a. Cat
    b. Dog
    c. Hamster
    d. Horse
    e. Rabbit

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