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Adams Mill Veterinary Hospital remains one of the very few veterinary hospitals in Northern Virginia that is not corporate and is owned independently by its founder.  Being independent means that we are not influenced by corporate programs or policies which prioritize profitability over individual patient medicine and client relationships. A strong doctor-client/patient relationship provides continuity in care. This means a more cost-effective investment in compassionate and dedicated healthcare.

Adams Mill Veterinary Hospital provides current medical and surgical protocols to companion animals of clients it has educated to take an active role in their dog's or cat’s healthcare program. The Hospital relies upon developing a highly personal relationship with each client/patient, and discusses healthcare choices for the benefit of the client/patient to insure informed healthcare decisions may be made.

The Hospital chooses to limit itself to only professional services. Therefore, the Hospital does not provide boarding, grooming, training, or retail novelties which it believes are much better supplied by other organizations devoted solely to those services. Further, the Hospital adheres to a policy of neither promoting nor endorsing any non-professional services or products.

The Hospital’s services are philosophically founded upon preventative intervention through client education and initiatives. The Hospital believes that prevention is proactive medicine and results in the most responsible, cost-effective healthcare program available. The Hospital is staffed and capable of addressing basic as well as complex cases. Referrals to specialists are made as medically necessary with Hospital veterinarians participating to assure continuity in healthcare. The Hospital believes in the importance of a strong client/doctor relationship and attempts to maintain a schedule to aid in enabling a client’s attending veterinarian to customarily be available for normal appointments.

The Hospital offers the following services to clients and patients:

  • Annual examinations including complete patient history review, comprehensive physical exam, preventative protocols specific to each individual patient such as immunizations and medications, client healthcare counseling, and any further diagnostics or procedures as beneficial to the patient.

  • Prepurchase consultations to assist prospective owners in determining the most appropriate companion animal for their family.

  • Prepurchase exams to verify the overall health of companion animals intended to be adopted or those recently adopted.

  • Internal medicine to prevent as well as diagnose and treat illness in patients.

  • Pediatric medicine to assure the prenatal and postnatal health of puppies and kittens as well as the prevention and treatment of any abnormal condition which may arise.

  • Geriatric medicine to assist the lives and life-styles of senior companion animals.

  • Surgery including routine, advanced, reconstructive, and critical operations.

  • Hospitalization, intensive care, and isolation as may be required for critical healthcare reasons.

  • Emergency service to the Hospital’s established clients with doctors on call to advise and assist clients who are experiencing crisis situations with their companion animals.

  • Dentistry including the routine cleaning/scaling of teeth, and oral surgery.

  • Behavior counseling to assist clients in better understanding those aspects of psychology and behavior modification for the greater physical, mental, and social well-being of their companion animal.


The Hospital is equipped to handle virtually all of a companion animal’s healthcare needs. Please take a tour of the Hospital’s facilities to review its capabilities.

10205 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls, VA

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