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The staff of the Hospital is delighted to provide personalized tours of the facility to prospective clients on a prearranged basis. Please call reception to schedule your visit with us. A snapshot tour is presented below.



The Reception Area
is staffed with Hospital Administrative Assistants to assure communicative responsiveness to visiting clients as well as those telephoning. The Hospital’s Administrative Assistants also serve to relay a variety of information to clients concerning scheduling of appointments, hospital policy, as well as technical and non-technical information as directed by the Hospital’s medical staff.

Waiting Area

The Waiting Area
is comfortably decorated and of ample space to accommodate up to twelve visitors to the Hospital. Music is softly played here and throughout the Hospital to help soothe anxiety levels of apprehensive companions.

Exam Room

Four Exam Rooms
proximate to the waiting area are designed to accommodate the examination requirements of the Hospital’s medical staff.  


The Pharmacy
is stocked with adequate inventory to allow clients the convenience of immediately obtaining required medications. The Hospital acquires its pharmaceutical inventory on a competitive bid basis in order to provide clients with the most cost effective pricing available.


X-ray Diagnostics
remain instrumental in the determination of many medical problems. The Hospital utilizes a state-of-the-art, digital system.

The Surgical Suite
is a glass enclosed area outfitted with the operating equipment and instrumentation demanded for performing sterile, surgical procedures. Two independent isoflourane gas anesthesia machines are available, as well as pulse-oximeter instrumentation for monitoring the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems of surgical patients. All surgical instruments are sterilized by autoclave prior to intra-operative use. The surgical suite is externally ventilated.

Treatment Area

The Treatment Area
is utilized by doctors and veterinary assistants/technicians for general dentistry procedures, to attend minor injuries, and to treat hospitalized patients on an individual basis.


The Hospitalization and Surgical Recovery Area
is located so that the Hospital’s medical staff can monitor patients from both the surgical suite and treatment area. Eleven stainless steel enclosures ensure a sanitized, secure environment for each hospitalized patient. A separate isolation area distant from the regular hospitalization and surgical recovery area is available for animals suspect of illness which may be contagious.

Lab Area

Laboratory Area
contains equipment and instruments such as autoclave, microscope, centrifuges (both regular and microhermatocrit), and ultrasonic equipment which support the diagnostic and surgical functions of the Hospital. Blood samples are processed in the laboratory for testing, and fecal/urine samples are examined for composition and abnormalities.

10205 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls, VA

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