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A Philosophy of Responsibility

"The relationship that has developed between people and companion animals is truly unique.  While people have associated with other animals throughout their history in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons, no other animals have achieved the preeminence in relationships with people as have domestic dogs and cats. Few other animals share the intensity of our life’s joys and sorrows. Few other animals provide the type of bond which fulfills our complex emotional and physical needs. Few other animals have been granted the privilege of virtually unlimited freedom within our households. Today’s canine and feline companions have truly become members of our family." (Adapted from The Canine Companion.) 

In this spirit, Adams Mill Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to all aspects of the preservation of health and well-being of companion animals through application of the most recent medical technology, and with the respect and compassion that has been bestowed upon our companions. 

Adams Mill Veterinary Hospital practices the art and science
of comprehensive healthcare for companion animals
of responsible clients…nothing more, nothing less.


Animal Welfare Foundation Inc.

A  501(c)(3) public charity

10205 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls, VA

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