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Important COVID-19 Protocol



COVID-19 is considered to be a human and primate disease. This disease has been demonstrated to be very contagious, can be fatal and can continue to impact the health of people who have been sickened with the disease even after their initial recovery. Luckily, our companion animals have been spared the impact that has befallen people afflicted with this virus. The science is not settled yet, but COVID-19 appears to have begun as a disease in bats which was then transmitted to people. Verified cases have been discovered in big cats like tigers and in farmed mink animals, but these cases appear to have been caused by handlers inadvertently infecting these species. While the virus has also been recovered from some pet dogs and cats which were exposed to humans sick with COVID-19, no cases of transmission from dogs or domestic cats to people have been documented.


If a person is sick with COVID-19, out of an abundance of caution, that person should avoid contact with their pets and allow healthy family members or friends to care for the pets. If one must care for oneís own pet, wearing a mask while caring for those pets and limiting contact is important.


The dedicated staff of Adams Mill Veterinary Hospital continues our service to clients and their pets despite the pandemic which has affected our community, our nation and our world. Our top considerations are for the safety of our staff and for the safety of our clients while continuing to serve the health care needs of our patients. In striving for our best service, we have made essential and important changes in the manner in which we care for our patients.

1)    All service is by appointment only, please call ahead.

2)    Service can be arranged to be curbside or inside.  We will request you to remain in the parking area or your vehicle during your petís visit if curbside. Inside service for a fully vaccinated client will be arranged when the client shows proof of vaccination and wears a mask inside.

3)    If you need to leave the parking area during your petís visit, we will ask for you to alert us before leaving and to sign a consent form for treatment in your absence.  Arrangements for drop off appointments can also be made.

4)    When you arrive, please call and we will come to you to retrieve your pet for entrance to the hospital.  We will collect history from you, then the doctor or technician will contact you for any additional necessary information and to provide essential information about your petís visit.

5)    Our staff is masked at all times in or out of the building, and our staff does practice social distancing.

6)    Our staff is required to have temperatures checked upon arrival and to wash hands upon arrival and after contact with every patient.

7)    Each exam room is disinfected before a patient enters.  The entire hospital is disinfected daily.

8)    If you are picking up prescriptions, please call and we will bring those out to you.

9)    Our entire staff is fully vaccinated.

10) Our administrative staff will be in contact with you about your preferred method of payment and our technical staff will deliver your pet back to you at the completion of your petís visit and after you have been updated about the appointment.

 Thank you for your continued faith in Adams Mill Veterinary Hospital and trust in our dedication to you and your pets. The times are unprecedented and we will always strive to give you the best of care.    

 D. Marguerite Adams, DVM



10205 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls, VA

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